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Meet Eugene Doula, Rachel Basolo

Rachel Basolo has been providing professional birth support to Lane County families since 2010. As a professionally trained Eugene doula, she supports, educates, and inspires clients throughout all stages of growing one’s family. She provides unconditional, non-judgmental support, meeting you where you are, offering balanced and educated guidance, and helping you develop a plan that works for you. She resonates with strong women who may feel anxious about birth or are wanting to do what they can to be more in control on this wild ride that is parenthood.

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Becoming a Parent

The transition into parenthood can feel overwhelming and immense. With Rachel on your birth team, you are guaranteed premier support, regardless of your individual circumstance, needs, or desires. Whether you know exactly what you want for your pregnancy and birth or if you are still figuring out all of the options to consider, Rachel helps you sort it out and move confidently forward into parenthood. Having an unbiased ear and an understanding heart to bounce thoughts and feeling off of is critical in finding your way- it empowers you to have the birth you choose, regardless of what unexpected scenarios arise.

Quality & Compassion

With a background in support services and a solid foundation in our local area, Rachel can be relied on to support you while you continue to support your family. When you hire Rachel as your doula, you’ll feel confident in knowing you will have support your way- when you need it and how you deserve it!

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Happy Clients and Happy Parents

“I couldn’t recommend Rachel any higher. She is by your side throughout the pregnancy and delivery process. Along with providing support and techniques for a successful birth, she is truly an advocate for YOUR birth. Her knowledge, huge heart, and experience are sure to make YOUR birth the best experience possible.”


“Through all the variables of pregnancy and birth, Rachel was a constant. Her practical knowledge and innate compassion helped me usher my first babe into the world. I can’t imagine what my birth experience would have looked like without her. Her gentle, informed, unwavering support kept me going when I lost faith in myself. She brought patience, joy, knowledge and commitment to the process of becoming a mother.”


“After my first birth felt a little out of control, with my second child I wanted someone there who knew about birth dedicated to helping both my husband and me through this experience.  I knew I wanted to find a doula.  It was certainly weird “interviewing” doulas for me, but Rachel and I clicked so well, I felt sure that she was who I needed.  From the start, she was very firmly committed to making sure my husband and I both were comfortable, always asking him for input at our meetings (since I am quite the talker!).  She offered her time freely, telling me not to hesitate to text her or call if I was in need of some support.”


“My daughter Charlotte came into this world July 2, 2010. My labor and her birth were utterly transformed by Rachel’s presence. As a first time mother, I had and still have, a huge amount of respect and awe for Rachel’s innate ability as a mother and powerful, positive force in this world. Having her by my side as I labored through 17 hours (including a switch from birthing center to hospital) was invaluable. Her knowledge of, and faith in, the birthing process and her calm, loving support made what could have been a traumatic experience for me beautiful from start to finish.”


“We are thankful for what we have learned and to know that we will have you in our corner for what is to come.”


“We can’t thank you enough for helping bring baby Nell earthside. Your help and support was so important!”


“I would have paid thousands had I known the impact her words would have.”


“Thank you so much Rachel for all the amazing support and love! Your presence brought an incredible lift and your words true strength! We’re so lucky to have met you, I know our friendship will endure!”


Serving Lane County Families Since 2010

Rachel works with families in Eugene, Springfield, and surrounding areas of Lane County, Oregon, and is a welcomed addition to births at Sacred Heart Medical Center at Riverbend, McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center, and area birth centers. Rachel also attends planned home births within the area.

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