Postpartum Services

A postpartum doula attends a new family in those first days and weeks after bringing home their baby.
See below for services I can provide for you.



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  • Help with self-care recovery
  • Postpartum comfort measures
  • Infant care
  • Overnight sleep support
  • Parenting information
  • Assistance with learning to feed and take care of your baby
  • Accompany you, if desired, on out-of-home excursions or appointments

My Promise

I provide family-centric, customized care for you and your newborn(s) to help the family transition more smoothly into life with an infant. When we plan to meet, I will always be on time for you. I can also be flexible to accommodate your needs as I know how busy this period of time can be. Above all, I will support your parenting style and decisions without judgement or interference. My job is to assist you on your new journey, not lead it. 








Welcome Home: I will meet you upon arriving home from your birth location to help get you settled in and off to a comfortable start. Ten total hours over the first two weeks home.

Solid Start: 40 hours of postpartum support throughout the first month home to help you and the family adjust to your ‘new normal’. This is ten, 4-hour shifts (3x/wk for two weeks and then 2x/wk for two weeks).

Return to Work: Get the support you need while navigating you or your partners return to work. One, two-hour appointment before work resumes to process and prepare and two overnight shifts the first week back to work.

Sweet Dreams: Let me be the night owl while you get some solid, therapeutic sleep. 8-hour shifts provided with a minimum of 48 hour notice.

A la Carte: Customize a plan that works best for you, four hour minimum. May be any combination of daytime and overnight care.

If you would like to reserve your due date, schedule a consultation, or have any questions regarding my services, please contact me below: